Highland HS Band & Color Guard


Meet the Board

Brian Kross

The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and executive board. The President may call special meetings and appoint any committee which the President shall deem necessary, appropriate and advisable, and to assist in the operations and affairs of this organization. The President ensures all Laws of the Non-Profit status is adhered to and maintained.

Vice President 

The vice President shall preside at all meetings in the absence off the President.  At the discretion of the President, the Vice President shall appoint members to coordinate the activities of the following committees:

  1. Chaperones
  2. Fireworks Booth
  3. He/She shall additionally act as head chaperone

Kathy Kross

The Secretary shall record the minutes of the club and Executive Board Meetings. Distribute current booster and Band rosters to committee chairs. Maintain and distribute copies of current by-laws and Articles of Incorporation. 

Handle any correspondence as directed by the board and maintain charge of all papers belonging to the organization.

Renee Thresher

The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds of the organization. He/she shall receive monies, deposit same in the name of the club in such places as may be designated, and shall keep a sufficient and accurate account thereof. Provide detailed financial reports to Board Monthly or at each Board Meeting.

The Treasurer’s accounts shall be audited annually on or before August 1st by an auditor selected by the Executive Board

Ways & Means Officer

The Ways and Means Officer shall direct, create, manage, and coordinate all fundraising activities, solicitations, and coordination of donations. He/She shall appoint members to the committee, as needed and shall coordinate the activities of said committee. He/She shall assure that all necessary permits are obtained for fund raising (e.g. Los Angeles County Business License Commission Information Card).

Artistic Consultant
Kevin Thresher

The Artistic Consultant shall be the point of contact point between the Board and the Program Directors. He/She will work closely with Caption Heads to capture their vision and shall create and appoint members to committees as needed and shall coordinate the activities of said committee.